Scholarship Series

12 Scholarships in 12 Months

How it works
In 2021, the Amplify Scholarship Series will give away 12 scholarships for various causes. 3 scholarships will be announced each quarter, with one awarded at the end of each month. Scholarships start at $500, but may grow based on external contributions.

You can take part by applying or contributing to existing scholarships that resonate with you, or by suggesting topics for upcoming scholarships. You can contribute anything $50+, but to become part of the scholarship vetting process, you can become a partner by contributing $500+. More details can be found in the frequently asked questions or by reading this article.

Current Contributions: $ 13450

Women in STEM

Supporting women in STEM, determined to innovate for the future.
Deadline: Jan 1, 2021
Awarded On: Jan 31, 2021

Continuous Learning

Supporting lifelong learners that want to acquire a new skill that will be transformative in their lives.
Deadline: Feb 1, 2021
Awarded On: Feb 28, 2021

Green Innovation

Supporting one individual dedicated to preserving our planet through scientific research.
Deadline: Mar 1, 2021
Awarded On: Mar 31, 2021

Digital Storytellers

Supporting creators looking to start or grow their own digital footprint, by writing online.
Deadline: Apr 1, 2021
Awarded On: Apr 30, 2021

Mental Health

Supporting any student pursuing any field of study that has battled or had a loved one battle mental illness. 
Deadline: May 1, 2021
Awarded On: May 31, 2021


Julia Song

Chess Masters

Supporting students learning chess at any level, to utilize the analytical nature of the game to tackle new problems. 
Deadline: Jun 1, 2021
Awarded On: Jun 30, 2021

No Code

Supporting creators looking to leverage no code to build online!
Deadline: Jul 1, 2021
Awarded On: Jul 30, 2021

Young Entrepreneurs

Supporting young people looking to change the world through innovation.
Deadline: Aug 1, 2021
Awarded On: Aug 31, 2021

Environmental Policy

Supporting students that are either studying or planning to study environmental policy.
Deadline: Sep 1, 2021
Awarded On: Sep 30, 2021

Black Entrepreneurs

Supporting black entrepreneurs, who are notoriously underrepresented.
Deadline: Oct 1, 2021
Awarded On: Oct 31, 2021


Zina Ogu

Immigrant Students

Supporting first-generation immigrant students to pursue higher education.
Deadline: Nov 1, 2021
Awarded On: Nov 30, 2021

Diversity in Technology

Supporting minorities that want to make an impact through technology.
Deadline: Dec 1, 2021
Awarded On: Dec 31, 2021


Kya Hall

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply to these scholarships?
Each scholarship has unique selection criteria that are detailed on each scholarship page on Bold.
Do I need to be a student to apply?
Not necessarily! Each scholarship has it's own unique scholarship criteria and some do not require that you are pursuing post-secondary education.
Is there an age requirement in order to apply?
There is no age requirement to applying, however there may be other requirements in order to qualify. Please see the individual scholarship pages for more details.
Why scholarships?
I chose to go with the medium of scholarships because I know first-hand how they can have a very direct and tangible impact on a person. That is exactly why I chose to call the scholarships series AMPLIFY, because they can have such an outsized impact.
What is the minimum donation required?
The minimum donation on is $50.
How can I start my own scholarship?
There are several scholarship platforms out there, but I chose to work with Bold because they make it incredibly easy for you to set up scholarships, operationalize the process, be compliant, and allow others to contribute as well. If you're interested in getting started, you can follow these steps to start your own scholarship or start a scholarship in memory of someone.
If I donate to a scholarship, can I help choose the winner?
I've set up this initiative such that people can partner with me on scholarships, if they contribute $500 or more to that scholarship. I can't incorporate every donor's feedback into the decision, but I do want to give larger donors the ability to have a say in the process. Other donors will be featured on the scholarship page, but not engage with the decision process.
Where can I learn more about the initiative?
You can learn more about this initiative at this article.

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